A DIY gift is always more special than a purchased one. It shows that not only were they thinking of you, but they took the time and effort to make this wonderful gift for you.

Hampers: I love to collect small items throughout the year and then beautifully place them in a decorated box and gift to loved ones on Christmas; it’s always a hit. Why not make each hamper based on a theme for a Spa queen, Movie buff, Coffee Lover or Travel enthusiast.

Energy balls: I usually make a batch before Christmas and then place the balls in a lined airtight box, which I decorate with sharpie pens. A simple way of making energy balls is to combine 1 cup rolled oats & 1-cup peanut butter & ½ cup choc chips (dark choc or cocoa nibs) & 1 tbsp. chia seeds & ¼ cup honey. I mix all the ingredients together and then roll into balls, which I then store in an airtight container in fridge. This keeps for one month in winter.

Spiritual box: I like to create a box containing spiritual items like a Buddha statue, a bead bracelet, a candle and a book on chakra healing. Arranging the box is such a calming experience! I like to write a quote on the top of the box to give a special finish.

Art: Though time consuming, when received the look on a loved one is priceless! I use sharpie pens to make 4 to 5 small sketches on a sturdy sheet or art paper. Each sheet usually follows a theme such as the beach, I then go to a specialist and laminate the sheet.

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