As 2019 approaches us, we must not forget 2018. Our achievements, lessons learned, memories and challenges all must be documented in order for us to move forward. So before we jot down our New Year resolutions let us celebrate our achievements and introspect on lessons learned. Once you do this your automatically preparing your mindset for a positive new year. Once you come to listing your new year resolutions, don’t let the usual suspects land on your list and try not to worry about whether these resolutions will actually last – lets just take one step at a time and enjoy the process.

Be mindful in the process, sit with no distractions and enjoy your effort into bettering yourself. Really dig deep into what you really want to achieve, improve, enjoy and commit to. This itself is an exercise of both – being mindful and experiencing some self-care. So why not add these two practices to your list too! Here are some a-healthy-way New Year resolutions for inspiration:

A bad habit I am going to break –

A new skill I’d like to learn –

A good deed I’m going to do –

A place I’d like to visit –

A book I’d like to read –

A letter I’m going to write –

A new food I’d like to try –

I’m going to do better at –

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