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What is Health Coaching?
Health coaching is a one-on-one consulting service in which a certified health coach provides customized, support to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a new health condition, resolve digestive discomfort or create new healthy habits.

What are your qualifications?
I am a Certified Health Coach. I am also a wellness Practitioner/Therapist.
I received my health coach education from the Blackford center in the United Kingdom. I am also a wellness Practitioner/Therapist, receiving my qualifications from the School of Natural Health Sciences, London. This includes my qualifications to practice as a fully accredited Color Therapist, Aromatherapist and Mindfulness therapist.

Are you registered with any accredited associations?
Yes, I am a member of the UK Health Coach Association and the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM).

How can a Health Coach help me?
Health coaches don’t diagnose or treat diseases but, instead, help clients make changes that improve their overall health and well-being across a range of health goals, conditions and concerns.

What Health and Wellness services are available?
At a-healthy-way, we offer a range of services and programs. I provide my clients with one to one health coaching sessions. Depending on the specific needs of my client, I offer the required amount of sessions included in a package.
I also offer guided programs delivered through email supported by a variety of helpful e-materials.

How do you deliver your services and programs?
Health coaching sessions are conducted over skype followed up by regular emails. a-healthy-way Guided Programs are offered via emails and helpful e-materials.

How much does Health coaching cost?
Single, 50-minute sessions are 20 dollars. Three, 50-minute sessions are priced at $50. I also offer a package of 6 sessions for $100.
a-healthy-way Guided Programs cost approximately $30 per program.

Do you provide health coaching for groups?
Yes, I do provide health coaching for groups.

What other complementary therapy do you provide?
Besides Health coaching I also provide Mindfulness, Color and Aromatherapy therapies. I usually incorporate these therapies into my health coach practice; however, if you feel the need for a therapy session in relation to Mindfulness, color, and Aromatherapy, Please feel free to contact me.

How can I get in touch?
You can get in touch via the message form on my home page or simply email me at

Phone: 9821171482